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Carmount KIT 

For your car shots, here is  the complete carmount kit. High quality with saefty harness. Multiple configurations.

$50.00 / DAY


Gimbal Came-tv 

Need a special steady gimbal shot? This excellent small factor gimbal for Sony AS7, BMCC, GH4 and more, is all you need. It comes with dual handle kit.  1.2 Kg.

$40.00 / DAY

Professional grade steady-cam

Need a professional steady cam for those holliywood stile shots?. You can achieve those high quality shots with this professional stady-cam system.  2.5 to 15 Kg.

$50.00 / DAY

Have a special shooting? Need equipment? Rent directly from our film studio.  Wide range of film equipoment.
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Fluid head tripod 10Kg - 74”

Excellent heavy duty fluid head tripod. For those smooth shots.

$25.00 / DAY


Fluid head tripod 10Kg - 74” With horse shoes base 

Excellent heavy duty fluid head tripod with horse shoe base.

$25.00 / DAY

Carbon fiber jib - Compact

Need a jib shot? Those down to eye level steady jib shots? This carbon fiber jib can do the job. Perfect for those light weight cameras. Portable and heav duty.

$35.00 / DAY

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Slider 48” (1.22mts) with optional multi head. 

This is slider has the perfect distance for those shots where a wider reach is required. With 48” (1.22mts) has enough room to shot from paraplax, slow zoom in/out and more shot configurations.

$30.00 / DAY


Full sound kit - H5, Shotgun mic and boom pole

H5 is one of the most portable professional digital recorders on the film market. With two channels can record several formats and can be conneted to shot gun mike and monitors. The kit includes H5, shotgun mic, 9ft boom pole and two monitors.

$40.00 / DAY

2000 watts sound system (Powered mixer and speakers)

This kit includes 10 channel 2,000 watts sound mixer (1,000 RMS / 8 ohms), a pair of 1,000 watts (8 ohms) watts  speakers, a pair of heavy duty sound cables, two heavy duty speaker stands and a set (4pcs) professional sound connectors to havy duty cable.

$85.00 / DAY

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120 watts sound system monitor (Amp and speakers) 

Big sound from small form factor. With four mono mic/line channels with XLR and 1/4" jacks 2 full-range, 2-way speakers with real compression drivers built-int

$40.00 / DAY


Wireless HD HDMI Video link 

Need to have a wireless camera connected in a live event? Need to monitor film production? Great for sending signal HD signal up to 100 ft (30m).  HDMI Interface.

$45.00 / DAY

Professional Mate Box with slide away wing

Want to capture a shot without any flare, unwanted light distracting the frame? To get the perfect shot you can rent this professional  mate box with fly away wing to change lens easily.

$20.00 / DAY

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