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Professional Matebox

If you are planning to shoot with professional gear, your best bet would be protect your composition from unwanted flares, filtered light, reflexions from other sources. Protect your composition with this professional mate box.

Best tool to shoot in any light situation

IMovo MB400 MK II Professional Matte Box with Swing-Away Arm. French Flags, Side Wings & Universal Anti-Reflection Donut (for 15mm Rod System). Note that this mate box comes without filter holder. If you need to use filters would recommend on lens filter kits. The setup is fast as this matebox comes with a fabric to cover all the way to the base of the lens.
Compact and easy to use
Connectors in line axis, the 3 lines built in the carbon fiber post, no worried for attrition Include: 1pc: Steadicam 2.5-15 KG 1pc: Support vest 1pc: Support Arm 1pc: HDMI cable 1pc: Balance weights 1pc: Battery mount base 1pc: Monitor mount.
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